Percentile calculator


calcSD is a website made to accurately and easily present the rarity of dick sizes, among with more realistic averages. This website runs all its calculations and such in JavaScript on-the-fly. It was also made in a simple way so that, should any more reliable studies appear later on, it will be easy to implement them in here. More about the calculations and datasets used can be seen in this page.

It was inspired by How long is my schlong? and abovethemeans' volume calculator. The former website, HLiMS for short, had a few issues which I wanted to fix in calcSD, mainly the fact that it looks up percentages in a fixed table for every 0.2 increment (meaning values in between are rounded downwards), but also that it uses outdated data from an old research, Hungfun's Average (which is an option in calcSD only for the sake of comparing). That said, abovethemean's calculator has a better method to calculate the volume values which sadly is not an option for calcSD due to also being compared against a fixed table generated using the R programming language.

This website was made by me, /u/CarnivalNightZone the derp. I don't have an account anywhere else except Reddit, so if you want to contact me, go there or contact me here using the feedback page. This website was made on my free time as a fun little project to do, not only to provide better data for people but also to improve my skills with math, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Making websites by hand isn't easy, but it's better than to make it using automated services, those tend to include a metric ton of unnecessary code that only slows down pages.

I tried making it as lightweight as possible while still looking modern and having a lot of functionality, but please excuse me for any design flaws, I'm still learning. I value privacy, so absolutely no data is collected when you visit the site or make any calculations in it, at least, none I can control. I have no way to tell how many people, if any, even visited this page. Want to yell at me for whatever reason? Go here! that's the feedback page, pls don't actually yell at me

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